T-minus 5 months to go!

snakes, iguanas and the fair 060

snakes, iguanas and the fair 056

snakes, iguanas and the fair 053

snakes, iguanas and the fair 067

The ladies in our women’s group, now named Esperanza Verde, have been hard at work making more re-purposed artisan work – bags/purses made from Cheetos and Doritos wrappers and jewelry made from magazine beads.  Here you can see us at the Feria de Chorrera, our most recent event where we worked at ANAM’s booth talking to people about the purpose of our artisan work.

Our next big event will hopefully be the Boston College Arts Fest this April, where we will be collaborating with some BC students to sell some of our artisan work in Boston!

Things for the next few months are going to be very busy as I try to wrap up my work here and hand it off to the volunteer that will be arriving in my site at the end of April, to take over the projects we have going on – the women’s artisan/environmental group, finishing building a group meeting house, work in the school garden, environmental classes, english club and the baking group.  Hopefully I will be able to put up a few more pictures in the less than 5 months I have left, as I know I have been sort of behind on that in the past few months.

Time is flying…..

One response to “T-minus 5 months to go!

  • MOM

    Uncle George was just asking me if you would have a update soon, and as I was on the phone with him this popped up! He will be happy to read the news.

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